Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Top 5 Awesome Thing
Do you have awesome thing that make you happy or so excited? I believe that all mankind in this history has the awesome thing that wants to do or that happened in their life. We can gain lot of awesome thing in our life such as games, things that happened and many of that.

                                                                                                     old version

First thing I ever had is my bike…my gorgeous and awesome bike, 135lc the blue’s. I also have upgraded my bike…before this the colour was red, new sport rim, UMA KOSO meter digital and Maxxis tyre with size 90/80, Neon...DO YOU HAVE THIS!!!…

The SQ Team
Second thing that so awesome is having a trip or ‘convoy’ with bike…Many places that we visit by having convoy together…like Pulau Pangkor, have breakfasts at Mcd, Kuala Lumpur…by doing this our relationship is very closed and more interesting…that so awesome have a trip together by riding bike…ANYTIME, ANYWHRERE!!!! …

Other than that, my secret…ememem…she always be my side when I’m so stress and lonely…she so sweet and so understand what I want…this make me so adore her even in my dream…I want make her my wife…she always advise me in a good way to become a nice and a good person…I’m so proud that I have this person…I don’t want lose her…LOVE U SO MUCH!!!!

             DON”T BE JEALOUS!!!!!


            GAME!!!!  This thing so awesome…when I so bored, this time I play the game…like more PC GAME….especially WARCRAFT GAME (defense of the acients)…is more like online game…Counters Strike, Half life, Prototype, Crysis and more game that I played….when I play the game I felt that I in the game…so real…so AWESOME.!!! enjoyed…DON’T YOU TRY THIS AT HOME…

Lastly, the awesome thing that I have is watching cartoon NARUTO and BLEACH….I followed every episode…for cartoon Naruto is about ninja the he want become Hokage on his village…Hokage means the leader that rule that country, the most powerful ninja and greatest ninja…while he want to become a Hokage, he face many challenging from another ninja that so cruel such as Akatsuki…Naruto learn many type of ninjutsu such as genjutsu, taijutsu, doujutsu, kinjutsu, and nijutsu…he training very hard to archived his mission…but for cartoon Bleach is different…the first actor is kurosaki Ichigo…his has special character, he has powerful power that he gained from his training with his zanpaktao…means his sword that have a soul…he also have many friend that follow him…he become stronger to defeat Aizen to arvived peace in his world…Aizen has many follower that obey him…such as Hollow,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My classmate

Everybody on this earth must have attractions with other people such as falling in love, personality and many of that. Something like this has become commonplace in our life. I also have this feeling with someone in my class technical communication. I’m not falling in love or something to make a secret admire but this person makes me interested to his characterizes because this person has most interesting character from other my classmate for this class. He has a lot of good character from someone else who may be able to make an example for me. One of the characteristic that he has is ability to convince everyone in class such as when he spoke in a very smooth presentation, its enables us to understand what he said in his presentation. In addition, his body languages are also can convince everyone while he doing the presentation such as his hand, body and intonation so very exciting me. Another character that he has is so kindly. Not everyone has this characteristic. He is very kindly with another classmate especially with me and also not stingy with his knowledge. I’m so touching with this character. Other than that, the character that he has is personality and good looking. He was always well-dressed when in class or outside class time. This show, he was a clean person and a wise man. Lastly, his spontaneous joke also can make me interested with his character. For all my classmate, you must follow or have his character in yourself because if you have this character we can learn in calm and happy when we were in the class.

Students must vote during the 'Students' Election' because....

Voting is one of the steps to be done in other to decide on the suitable student's that have what it takes to voice up all others estimation and questionable things or share undesired situation that may involved in every day  as a campus student's. It is like giving a commitment towards the representative to share in every aspect, not just complaining about things that are not supposed to be but, also positive reviews as a whole that can help society in the university to improve in  every aspect.  If the student election did not have it will effects the communities and campus.

The living toilet

            They’re like toilets on a stick for three shrews. Meet Nepenthes lowii, the world’s only known plant that actively collects and consumes poop. A pitcher plant found only on mountain peaks in Borneo. Lowii begins life as normal meat-eating vine, producing ground-level pitchers that trap and digest ants and other arthropods. But after maturing and snaking up atree or shrub, it develops a taste for faeces and grows a new type of trap that looks - and functions – a lot like a toilet. Funnel-shaped with a permanently open lid that is slathered in battery nectar, the pitcher attracts a regular patron with a serious sweet tooth – the mountain three shrews Tupaia Montana. The funnel itself is wide and shallow, about the size of a person’s palm – an ideal place for shrew to squat while dining. The pitcher, its customer’s back end positioned directly above its mouth, catches any droppings.
The rather clever adaptation earns the plant a continuous and abundant supply of nourishment in a nutrient – poor habitat. Biologist estimate that 57 to 100 percent of the plant’s nitrogen intake is from shrew poop. But it’s a two-way street, because the plant produces copious amounts of easy-to-access sap – more than any other species in its range. Moreover, the shrew cannot digest fibre – it simply chews the flesh of fruits to extract the juices. Lowii pitchers fill syrup all that much more important. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for both plant and animal, an equal exchange of scarce and important nutrients.

Birth Order Trait

The environment that a child is raised in plays a big part in how their behavior will develop. Consequently many children will exhibit dissimilar character traits and characteristics depending on their birth order or if they are an only child. Of course birth order doesn't guarantee that your first child will have all or even any of the traits typically associated with a first child. Of course if there are large gaps between your children or you have one boy in a family of girls you might have overlapping birth order characteristics. My brother was the third child but the only boy and he exhibits many of the same first-born traits that I have. 

First-born children desire control and they will typically become a compliant nurturer or a more aggressive mover and shaker. Either way parents need to remember not to demand too much of their oldest child. Make sure your child knows your expectations, because they are constantly trying to seek parental approval. Both my son and I exhibit typical first-born birth order character traits. He is consumed with following the rules and is a high achiever. He can also be bossy. I often have to remind him that his sisters are younger than him and cannot be expected to do all that he can or is asked to do.

The middle child will demonstrate the greatest variety of character traits, but they will usually be opposite of their older sibling. They will try to be unique, so help them recognize their own talents. Don't compare your middle-child to their older sibling. Middle children often feel stuck in the middle so take time to listen. I find sometimes that my middle daughter gets the least attention. She isn't involved in as many things as her brother and definitely doesn't demand attention like her little sister, so I have to take the time to recognize her. Letting your child make family decisions, like where to eat dinner or what movie to watch, will help empower them and make them feel special.

Youngest children are usually very different from their older siblings. They tend to be more social and funny. They don't have as much responsibility and are more carefree. They are also often driven to catch up with their older siblings and follow in their footsteps. It is important that parents still enforce the rules when their youngest comes along. It is easy to just let things slide, but once it starts it is hard to stop. Parents often baby their youngest child because they are the last one. But it is important to teach responsibility, you don't want your youngest child feeling like they can't or not knowing how to do anything for himself. You also need to applaud their accomplishments, true your older children have already learned how to ride a bike but for your youngest it is a new thing.

Only children have traits similar to oldest children but usually to a greater degree. Only children need to be given plenty of opportunities to socialize with children their own age. Although only children are often mature beyond their age do not burden your child with adult information, remember they are still a child. Only children tend to push themselves demanding self-perfection, remind your child that you only expect their best and it's okay to make mistakes. With each child come different challenges and issues that a parent must face. Being aware of birth order characteristics may help you understand your child better and recognize why they possess some of the character traits that they exhibit. 


 (Shrimp and watermelon salads..)

The refreshing taste of watermelon combined with shrimp, tomatoes, and bok choy, with a drizzle of lime juice, makes this the perfect summertime recipe to serve for lunch or a light dinner. To make it easier to eat, simply cube the watermelon and combine it with the other ingredients. Serve with a tall glass of iced tea or lemonade.
  • 2 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 lb. peeled, divined medium shrimp
  • 2 tsp. snipped fresh thyme
  • 4 cups sliced bok choy or napa cabbage
  • 1 cup grape tomatoes, halved
  • 2 1-inch slices seedless watermelon, halved
  • Small limes, halved
  • Feta cheese (optional)
  • Fresh thyme sprigs


  1. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in large skillet over medium-high heat. Add shrimp; cook and stir 3 to 4 minutes, until shrimp are opaque. Transfer shrimp to bowl; stir in thyme. Add remaining olive oil, bok choy, and tomatoes to skillet; cook and stir 1 minute. Return shrimp to skillet; cook and stir 1 minute more. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Serve shrimp and vegetables with watermelon. Squeeze lime juice on salads; sprinkle feta and thyme sprigs. Serves 4.

Why must give the second chance!

Every people in this planet do a mistake in their live, no one can escape from doing the mistake. While doing the mistake, maybe they do not noticed that the mistake come from them and some people are opposite of that. The mistake can be dividing by 2 phases such as the big mistake and small mistake. If someone doing mistake, maybe they always cannot be accepted by the other people. This situation is always happen in our life now. They should think wisely but not hundred percent blame to the people that doing the mistake. Beside that, they must ask them first why them doing the mistake, it’s deliberate or they want to betray. If they not have that particular reason, they must give a second chance to them to realize that what they doing is a mistake but depend on their mistake. Why must give them a second chance? Do you believe a second chance?. Second chance can make people more improve in their life because they realize they must change something different before them doing that mistake again such as an evil to good.  Hence, they can feel more confident to doing the correction what they do before this. Second chance also can make them feel better or love. If they feel this, they maybe realize they should not do that mistake again. Other than that, second chance can make them being a good person and not too much feel guilty what they doing before this. They maybe really realize that they do not doing that mistake again. If all people in this era have this feeling that giving second chance to the other people who doing the mistake depend on their mistake, I’m sure we will have a good living on this era.