Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Top 5 Awesome Thing
Do you have awesome thing that make you happy or so excited? I believe that all mankind in this history has the awesome thing that wants to do or that happened in their life. We can gain lot of awesome thing in our life such as games, things that happened and many of that.

                                                                                                     old version

First thing I ever had is my bike…my gorgeous and awesome bike, 135lc the blue’s. I also have upgraded my bike…before this the colour was red, new sport rim, UMA KOSO meter digital and Maxxis tyre with size 90/80, Neon...DO YOU HAVE THIS!!!…

The SQ Team
Second thing that so awesome is having a trip or ‘convoy’ with bike…Many places that we visit by having convoy together…like Pulau Pangkor, have breakfasts at Mcd, Kuala Lumpur…by doing this our relationship is very closed and more interesting…that so awesome have a trip together by riding bike…ANYTIME, ANYWHRERE!!!! …

Other than that, my secret…ememem…she always be my side when I’m so stress and lonely…she so sweet and so understand what I want…this make me so adore her even in my dream…I want make her my wife…she always advise me in a good way to become a nice and a good person…I’m so proud that I have this person…I don’t want lose her…LOVE U SO MUCH!!!!

             DON”T BE JEALOUS!!!!!


            GAME!!!!  This thing so awesome…when I so bored, this time I play the game…like more PC GAME….especially WARCRAFT GAME (defense of the acients)…is more like online game…Counters Strike, Half life, Prototype, Crysis and more game that I played….when I play the game I felt that I in the game…so real…so AWESOME.!!! enjoyed…DON’T YOU TRY THIS AT HOME…

Lastly, the awesome thing that I have is watching cartoon NARUTO and BLEACH….I followed every episode…for cartoon Naruto is about ninja the he want become Hokage on his village…Hokage means the leader that rule that country, the most powerful ninja and greatest ninja…while he want to become a Hokage, he face many challenging from another ninja that so cruel such as Akatsuki…Naruto learn many type of ninjutsu such as genjutsu, taijutsu, doujutsu, kinjutsu, and nijutsu…he training very hard to archived his mission…but for cartoon Bleach is different…the first actor is kurosaki Ichigo…his has special character, he has powerful power that he gained from his training with his zanpaktao…means his sword that have a soul…he also have many friend that follow him…he become stronger to defeat Aizen to arvived peace in his world…Aizen has many follower that obey him…such as Hollow,

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